We love Brazil Modern Design & Furniture! You too?

We are a professional and dedicated team of Brazil Modern design lovers, collectors, gallery owners, researchers, designers, architects and restorers. Our art and design experts have decades of experience in the field. With our own galleries and showrooms in Germany and Brazil, we offer a wide selection of outstanding Brazilian Modernist artworks. We currently have more than 150 artworks of Brazilian Modernism in our collections, some of which are currently undergoing restoration. Through our worldwide network to collectors and galleries, we have access to another 500+ masterpieces of Brazilian Modernism. Take a look at our current collection and sign up for our newsletter, as we have new works in our collections almost every week! And if you are looking for a special Brazil Modern artwork that you can’t currently find on our website, please contact us – we may be able to offer it to you shortly!

Brazil Modern - Timeless Design

Art & design brings people together and connects the generations. Through our Brazil Modern Design collections, we want to do our own part – as a gift to the community and as a a contribution to the preservation of these unique works of art for future generations.

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