We are an international team of Brazil Modern Design & Furniture lovers, collectors, galerists, researchers, designers, architects and restorers.

Our art & design professionals and artisans have vast experience and decades dedicated to this field. With galleries and show rooms in Brazil & Europe we offer a wide range of outstanding artworks of Brazilian Modernism and other artworks to you.

Our team in Europe & Brazil:

Markus H. Eistert

Art collector, gallery owner

Markus Eistert, who has been interested in art and design since his school days, discovered his love for Brazilian modernism when he lived in Brazil in the 1990s.
As an auctioneer at Art & Antigues, he deepened his knowledge of exceptional art and furniture.
Today he lives at Lake Constance in Germany, where he runs the galleries “art&vision” and “Brazil Modern” with his team.

Odilon Boell Bellesi

Entrepreneur, art collector, researcher, furniture professional

More than 20 years ago he founded the prestigious company “Bauhaus Design”, where he and his team produce new editions of design classics that are sold worldwide. He is responsible for the organization and export of our Brazilian collections and for our Brazilian restoration atelier.
Today he lives and works in Curitiba, Brazil, where he runs the company “Bauhaus Design” and the gallery “Brazil Modern”.

Dr. Pedro Bellesi

Designer, architect, researcher, furniture expert, curator.

Pedro Bellesi studied architecture and urbanism and later specialized in furniture design. He received a PhD in design from the University of Porto, Portugal. Since 2004, assistant professor at the University of Amazonia. Runs the “Laboratory of Studies of Form”, Brazil. Curates our collections in Brazil and Europe. Pedro Bellesi lives and works in Belem do Para and Curitiba, Brazil.

Dayene Bernardes Cruz

Logistics and Export management

Dayene Bernardes Cruz is a foreign trade professional with more than 20 years of experience. In her career she worked directly in the collaboration of international divisions, import departments, supply chain management and others in global companies such as Mercedes Benz. Today, Dayene is a fundamental element in our team that carries out research, analysis, support and consulting in international logistics projects.

Anette Gieser-Pfeifer

Art & furniture professional, Galerist

Anette Gieser-Pfeifer is a ceramic artist and has worked in the design furniture industry for over 25 years. As an Art & Design Consultant, she is a key member of our professional team. She lives at Lake Constance, Germany and runs a gallery.

Giovanna Bellesi

Customer Care

Giovanna Bellesi is the “good soul” of our team. Her love for art and furniture design and her years of experience in customer care make her the ideal person to staff our Customer Care department.

Fernando Patrick Eistert

Website, Social Media, Blog

Fernando Patrick Eistert studied Health and Tourism Management in Konstanz, Germany and is responsible for coordinating research and creating social media and blog posts.

Joshua Bellesi

Photographer, Graphic Designer

Joshua Bellesi is responsible for our graphic design and photography.

Arthur Souza Costa

Editorial Designer

Graphic designer, editorial designer, and illustrator specializing in flat design, graduated from the Universityof the Amazon (UNAMA).

Our Atelier

Restoration made with skills, dedication and love

Almost every piece that becomes part of our collection needs some attention after many years of use. It could be a little cleaning, some minor repairs, new glue or a new painting. We review every piece that comes to us, both historically and in terms of functionality. We want to keep the piece as original as possible, especially since our customers appreciate the authenticity of an antique piece of furniture and the vintage look it gives off. In the our Brazil Modern Atelier, we look for the best possible result that a piece of furniture needs. We only work on a piece of furniture if we can improve it by doing so. We clean, mend, finish and restore all parts necessary. The biggest possible part of the piece of furniture should remain authentic. Preferably, we do as little as possible to preserve the antique look that an old piece deserves.
Of course, if special adjustments are needed according to the customer’s wishes, we can make them. We work with a selected, dedicated and experienced team of carpenters, locksmiths, upholsteres and joiners. Some oft hem have already worked with some famous brazilian furniture brands in the past. With over 20 years of experience in the field of Brazil Modern furniture, we know what is good for a piece and what is not. You are welcome to consult with us. 

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