Oscar Niemeyer

Bench "Marquesa"

Black lacquered plywood, cane

Measurements: 253 cm x 55 cm x 83h cm 

99,6 in x 21,7 in x 32,7h in 


Móvel moderno Brasileiro,Alberto Vicente, Marcelo Vaconcellos. Ediciones Olhaeres, Sao Paulo, 2017. page 410, 411; Maria Cecilia Loschiavo Dossantos, Modern furniture in Brazil, Olhares, Sao Paulo,2015. Page 92. Aric Chen, Brazil Modern, Brazil, 2016. Page 267.

Article: ON.MA.C001

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The Marquesa bench, designed by Oscar Niemeyer and his daughter Ana Maria, is a remarkable representation of Niemeyer’s distinctive architectural style translated into furniture design. Known for his sinuous, curvaceous forms, these elements are perfectly embodied in the Marquesa.

The bench is named after its resemblance to the shape of a ‘marquesa’, a type of Brazilian hammock. Crafted predominantly from wood, it features a seamless, continuous line that forms the seat and backrest, flowing with an elegant, undulating rhythm that reflects the organic, free-form aesthetic Niemeyer is renowned for.

The Marquesa’s ergonomic design, along with its visually striking appeal, signifies a beautiful fusion of form and function. It stands as a testament to Niemeyer’s genius, not only in architecture but also in furniture design.

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